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 Vol.1/No.2 2001
Foreword   -p.103
Toshikazu Matsui

Original Articles

A study of heart rate variability and the autonomic neural system : report Ⅷ
hearing 1/f music in athletes   -p.105
Chuzo Mori, Koichi Naruyama, Yoshimasa Yasumoto and Shigeko Iwahira

Psychoacoustic evaluation of vocal fluctuation   -p.111
Hiroko Takashima

Background music prevents the suppression of the immunity by the stress
- A study using natural killer cell activity as an index -   -p.116
Masayuki Satoh and Kayoko Urakawa

The relationship between adaptability of dental treatment and situation of participate in a music therapy.   -p.121
Itaru Kohya, Yumiko Saitoh, Urara Satoh and Miyako Kumamoto

Case Reports

Phased music therapy in a long-term care style unit -p.128
Yoshie Sasaki

Home music therapy for a patient with postoperative lung cancer. -p.137
Masako Miyamoto

Withdrawn youngsters and lyrics -p.143
Takeshi Watanabe

Music therapy to patients of cancer with dementia terminal care what the family can do -p.150
Masako Sugino and Satoko Kawahara

Study of the different effect of the BGM depending on the stress coping type -p.155
Kayoko Urakawa and Masayuki Sato


Effect of using music panels at day center for aged patient -p.161
Megumi Misaki, Kyoko Kurita and Kyoko Watanabe

The effect of the relation between mood and music type on positive emotions -p.167
Takako Itoh and Makoto Iwanaga
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