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 Vol.2/No.1 2002
 Key Note Address for the 1st Congress of JMTA   -p.3
Shigeaki Hinohara

Special Lecture for the 1st Congress of JMTA -p.9
Bin Ebisawa


Ideal of Music Therapy in the 21st Century Viewed from the Standpoint of : Welfare -p.18
Yohko Monma

Academic Research -p.23
Yasuji Murai

National Qualification of Music Therapist -p.28
Tomoaki Shinoda

Impression of the 1st Congress   -p.31
Nobuyuki Murabayashi

Original Articles

On the Effectiveness of Music Therapy Given to Children of Autism as Early Childhood Therapeutic Program -p.33
Yujiro Sonoda and Ayaka Hiraishi

Effects of Different Types of Music on Performance at a Visual Signal-Detection Task -p.41
Naokuni Ebihara and Shimako Nishiyama

Categories and Dimensions that Emerge from a Free Description Approach to Music-listening Behavior in Students' Daily Lives -p.50
Miharu Matsuura

Case Reports

The Number of Smiles in the Assessment of Music Therapy After Surgery -p.59
Fumio Chikamori

The study of Music Therapy at the Extra-care Nursing Home for the Aged : A Plan and the Effect of the Sessions of Large and Small Groups -p.64
Kyoko Kurita, Takako Miyanishi and Madoka Hirao

Acquisition of Greeting Word in a Patient with Total Aphasia Through The Introduction of Music Therapy -p.69
Yuichi Ohtsuka
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