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 Vol.2/No.2 2002
 Special Issue : “Interdisciplinarity of Music Therapy”

Preface -p.83
Yasuji Murai

Music Therapy and Psychology -p.85
Yohji Hayashi

Music Therapy and Pedagogy -p.92
Hiromoto Makabe

Music Therapy and Musicology -p.101
Kana Okazaki

Music Therapy and Ethnology -p.108
Masami Sakaue

Music Therapy and Philosophy/Aesthetic -p.121
Yu Wakao

Review Article

Heart Rate Variability and the Autonomic Nervous System -p.129
Chuzo Mori and Yoshimasa Yasumoto

Original Articles

Relationship between the Type of Background Music and Coping Styles on Active Stressor
- A Study Using Psychological Stress Response Scale as an Index - -p.137
Kayoko Urakawa and Masayuki Satoh

Evaluation of a Music Therapy Scaling for Senile Dementia in Comparison with a Rating Score Method (HDS-R) and a MMN Method -p.146
Yuka Okumura, Keishi Andou, Kimiaki Manabe and Kenichi Matsunami

Music Therapy Evaluation in a Residential Care Facility for Elderly People
- Toward an Evaluation Method Based on the Changes of Clients' Feeling Qualities - -p.155
Mamiko Kageyama

The Effect of Nostalgic Music on Mood and Reminiscence in the Aged -p.163
Asami Kobayashi and Makoto Iwanaga

A Study by Tone-entropy Analysis on the Effect of Abdominal Respiration and Listening to Sedative Music of the Autonomic Nervous System as Compared with Scientific Indices and Qualitative Research -p.173
Chuzo Mori, Michiyo Utani and Hiroshi Matsuo

A Study on the Effects of Music Therapy on the Cognitive Functions of Senile Patients with the Symptoms of Dementia -p.181
Kyoko Watanabe

Case Reports

Effects of Music on the Moods of Renal Patients Who Do Not Like Music and Who Are Having Hemodialysis -p.188
Yasuhiro Itoh, Reiko Yonekura and Mayako Matsuda

Music Activities for Adolescents Not Attending School
- Type of Support from the Music Therapy Perspective - -p.195
Ayako Sugata

Effectiveness of Music on Movement and Cognition of Persons with Developmental Disabilities -p.203
Michiyo Matsunaga and Yoko Morimoto

Materials Data Article -p.209
Social Politics and Music Therapy in Germany
Yutaka Nakagawa

Reports on the 10 th World Congress of Music Therapy in Oxford

Rii Numata -p.218
Eri Haneishi -p.220

Book Reviews -p.222
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