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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.3/No.1 2003
 Special Issue: “Music Therapy in Foreign Countries”

Yohji Hayashi -p.3

Music Therapy in:
Germany and Austria
Saya Shiobara -p.5

Kumi Matsuyama -p.13

Setsu Inoue -p.21

The United States
Eri Haneishi -p.27

Megumi Ohkubo -p.36

Original Articles

Evaluating the Efficacy of Music Therapy for Elderly People with Dementia,
based on Three-year Examination of ‘Subjective Tempo’
Nobuko Saji, Kuniaki Sugai and Ryoya Saji -p.46

A Report with Regard to the Efficacy of The Japanese Drum Therapy Carried out
for the Rehabilitation of a Cerebral Apoplexy Patient
Itaru Kohya and Yumiko Saito -p.54

The Effects of Healing Music on the Stress Hormones
- through the Psychological Research and Endocrinological Experimentation -
Michiko Nuki, Kazuhiro Yosiuchi and Shinobu Nomura -p.64

Psychological Effect of Music on Relaxation Programs
Kayoko Urakawa -p.71

 Case Reports

Music Therapy for Werdnig-Hoffmann Disease
- To Compose Music through Ocular Movement -
Asagi Yaginuma Hoshiyama, Ph.D. -p.79

Book Reviews -p.84
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