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 Vol.3/No.2 2003
 Memorial Address to the Late:

Dr. Tomoaki Shinoda
Shigeaki Hinohara -p.97

Dr. Yuichiro Gotoh
Shigeaki Hinohara -p.100
Katsuyuki Shirakura -p.101

 Keynote Address by the President of the 2 nd Congress of JMTA:
Music Therapy based on Evidence: Documentation and Research
Chuzo Mori   -p.105

 Commemorative Lecture for the 2 nd Congress:
Sound and Psyche
Hayao Kawai -p.112

 Special Issue

Symposium : The Ideal Picture of Music Therapy Needed by Society
Presider : Toshikazu Matsu
Symposiasts : Mamoru Kinjyoh, Masashi Saitoh, Keiji Nisinuma, Taisuke Yoshida -p.125

 Original Articles

Effects of Appreciating Music on Salivary Cortisol and Chromogranin A - -p.150
Akiko Nishimura, Tetsuya Ohira, Masahiro Iwai

Subjective QOL in Persons with Senile Dementia during Music Activities -p.157
Keiko Tsuchiya

The Effect of Structured Music Therapy on Speech of Senile Dementia
- Speech and Episode Analysis of Daily and Music Therapy Scenes - -p.166
Hiroko Fujimoto, Akiyo Nakayama

The Effect of Music Therapy for Vascular Dementia Patients
- Evaluation by the Event-rated Potential P300 and Serum Melatonin Levels - -p.176
Yoshiko Mihara, Ban Mihara, Mikio Fujimoto, Jin Kubo

Musical Behavior during Music Therapy Sessions for an Elderly Woman with Alzheimer's Disease in Terminal Care -p.183
Nobuko Saji, Kuniaki Sugai

 Case Reports -p.196
Music Therapy Using Piano for a Client with Higher Cortical Dysfunction
Miyako Kumamoto

 Materials Data Article -p.205
Exploring Music Therapy in Germany - Current University Curricula for Music Therapists -
Hiromi Uchida

 Reports on the Symposium of the 2nd Cougress of JMTA -p.214
Izumi Futamata

 Book Reviews -p.216
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