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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.4/No.1 2004
Keynote Address by the President of the 3rd Congress of JMTA:

“Toward the Realization of the State Qualification”
Yasuji Murai -p.3
Invitations Speech at the 3rd Congress of JMTA: “The State Qualification”
Juro Saitoh -p.7
Panel Discussion at the 3rd Congress of JMTA:
“Perspectives on the Professional Specialty of Music Therapist”

Comment from the Chairman of the Discussion
Masami Sakaue -p.11

Professional Specialty of Music Therapist
Takumi Ao -p.13

A Perspective on Professional Specialty of Music Therapist
Kana Okazaki -p.21

About “Professional Competency”
Eri Haneishi -p.26

From the Viewpoint of a Neuro-internist/hospital Management
Ban Mihara -p.32
Special Issue
“Abilities Required of Music Therapist”

Clinical Musicianship
Masami Inada -p.38

Ethics in Music Therapy - As a Support of Our Daily Practice
Rika Ikuno -p.46

Treatment Theories Required in Music Therapy
Yasuji Murai -p.61

Understanding the Pathology
Nobuyuki Murabayashi -p.68
Original Articles

The influence of Presentation Sequences of Pieces of Music on Depressed Mood Reduction
- An Experimental Study with a Musical Mood Induction Procedure
Teiichi Takeuchi -p.76

Pitch Property in Schizophrenic Patients
- A Study of Key Choice in Solo Singing without Instrumental Accompaniment
Shojiro Kumamoto, Keiko Konishi -p.87
Case Reports

A case of left unilateral spatial neglect in which tooth brushing was improved by music therapy
Itaru Kohya -p.96

A “Clinical Knowing” Based Study on Musical Experience :
the case of a regressive adolescent with Down’s syndrome
Yutaka Yoshida -p.104
Book Reviews -p.114
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