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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.4/No.2 2004
Keynote Address by the President of the fourth Congress of JMTA:

Consideration on the Spirituality of Sound: Sound and Music which Vibrate Mind
Toshio Kishimoto -p.125
Invitations Speech at the 3rd Congress of JMTA

Developing Perspectives of Aesthetic Music Therapy
Colin Andrew Lee -p.130

Community Music Therapy and Cultural Change
Brynjulf Stige -p.136
Special Issue:
The Significance and Role of Sound and Music in Music Therapy
Consideration on the Power of Music Related Closely to Human:

To Those who Explore the Possibility of Music
Motoko Oriyama -p.147

Finding Narration in Sound and Music
Akihiro Yamashita -p.153

Power as the Source of Transformation
Kana Okazaki -p.160

Comments from the Chairman of the Symposium
Yu Wakao -p.166
Original Articles

The Effect of Sound Source and Music Preference on Human Hormones
Hajime Fukui, Kumiko Toyosima -p.168

A Study of Images Evoked by Music: Comparison between Music Students,
Students of Early Education, and Students of Secretarial Studies
Midori Oiwa -p.181

Effect of Musical Experience on Optimization of Egogram
Akiyo Yoshioka, Hiroshi Bando, Toshihito Yoshioka -p.191

A Report with Regard to the Efficacy of the Japanese Drum Therapy Carried out for
the Rehabilitation of a Cerebral Apoplexy Patient: Part 2
Itaru Kohya, Yumiko Saoto -p.198

The Effect of Music Therapy for the Elderly with Dementia:
The Comparative Study between Large Group and Small Group Sessions
Ban Mihara, Minao Hosoya, Yoshiko Mihara, Mikio Fujimoto -p.208
Report on the Fourth Congress of JMTA
Emiko Morishige, Akiyo Nakayama -p.217
Book Reviews -p.221
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