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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.5/No.2 2005
Memorial Address to the Late

Dr. Tadafumi Yamamatsu
Toshikazu Matsui -p.137

Dr. Tomonobu Kawano
Chiharu Kubo -p.138
Keynote Address by the President of the Fifth Congress of JMTA

“Life, Spirit, Healing” and Music Therapy
Tetsuo Kashiwagi -p.139
Special Lecture of the Fifth Congress of JMTA

“Keep Songs on Your Lips - Words, Pictures, and Music Resonating with Life”
Kunio Yanagida -p.149
Special Issue: Symposium “Music and Spirituality”

Nara Buddhism and Music
Fumon Sagawa -p.165

In the Beginning were the Word and Music - for What?
Takashi Oshio -p.167

The Potential of Music as Spiritual Care - Finding Clues in the Experiences at the Hospices -
Keiko Tamura -p.170

Comments from the Chairman of the Symposium
Fumio Kuribayashi -p.174
Original Articles

Emotional Change in Elderly Persons Induced by Old Japanese Popular Songs - A Study with EEG and Questionnaire Method-
Yuka Okumura, Koichi Igawahara, Kenichi Matunami, Yoko Momma -p.177

A Study on Improvisation in Music Therapy - The Process and its Meaning of the Musical Dialogue between Music Therapist and Client -
Rii Numata -p.188

Improvement Effects of Continuous, Long-term Active Music Therapy on Cognitive Functions and Emotions of At-home Senior Citizens
Masako Sekiya, Kimiko Isoda -p.198
Case Reports

Two Cases of Elderly Patients whose Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) were Alleviated by Music Therapy
Akihiko Nomi, Yoshiko Mihara, Eri Mihara, Minao Hosoya, Ban Mihara -p.207

Music Therapy Applied by a Multidisciplinary Team with the Objective of Alleviating Depressive State in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a Case Report
Yoshiko Mihara, Kimiko Takahata, Mizue Uchida, Takahide Nagashima, Ban Mihara -p.214
Report on the Fifth Congress of JMTA
Hitoshi Takayama, Airo Kinoshita -p.222, 224
Report on the Eleventh World Congress of Music Therapy
Izumi Nago -p.226
Book Reviews -p.228
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