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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.6/No.1 2006
Papers from the 2nd Project Researches

The Role of Music Therapy during Day Surgery at a Children’s Hospital
Yuko Umeda, Mutsuko Tsuji -p. 3

The Effect of Passive and Active Music Therapy on the Elderly
- Using Physiological Index -
Nobuko Kubota, Takako Ito, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Miwako Kato, Sinobu Naga, Jun Simizu -p.17

The Effect of Music Therapy for Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
- Evaluation by Neuropsychologic and Physiological Tests -
Ban Mihara, Yoshiko Mihara, Mikio Fujimoto,Hidetaka Nagashima, Yutaka Tomita, Masaki Takao -p.23

Music Therapy Improved Quality of Life of the Patient with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:A Case Study
- Evaluation by Schedule for the Evaluation of Individual Quality of Life-Direct -
Yoshiko Mihara, Kimiko Takahata, Mayumi Kurihara, Yoko Takahashi, Hidetaka Nagashima, Yutaka Tomita, Masaki Takao, Ban Mihara -p.33
Special Issue
Round Table: “On the Research of Music Therapy”

Fumio Kuribayashi, Yohji Hayashi, Yu Wakao, Masami Sakaue (Chairman) -p.41
Original Articles

An Examination of the Effect of Music Therapy on Seriously Mentally
and Physically Disabled Children/People when We Work Directly with Them
- Comparing the Effect of Recorded Songs and Live Songs
on Subjects Using Thermography to Measure Their Responses -
Mariko Abe, Asagi Hoshiyama, Reiko Sakikawa -p.67

Research Methods of Psychotherapeutic Music Therapy in Germany
Hiromi Uchida -p75
Book Reviews -p.83
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