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 Vol.7/No.1 2007
Special Contributor

Indigenous Perspectives on Music Therapy Theory, Practice, and Research
Carolyn Kenny -p.3

Papers from the Second Round of Research Project Grants

Effects of Group Music Therapy on Physical and Psychological Markers Among Healthy Middle-aged and Elderly People: An Intervention Trial
Akiko Nishimura, Tetsuya Ohira, Sanae Hori, Aya Hori, Kazuyuki Kitamura, Shingo Nagasawa -p.12
Special Issue

"The Present Status of Music Therapy and Current Educational Issues for Music Therapists"
Introduction to the Special Issue
Yoji Hayashi -p.29

From the Perspective of Training Schools for Music Therapists
Fumio Kuribayashi -p.30

A Review of 10 years of Music Therapy Education at the Miyazaki Women’s Junior College
Keiko Yamashita -p.38

From the Perspective of Employers of Music Therapists
Ban Mihara -p.41

From the Perspective of Employers of Music Therapists: Requests to Colleges and Vocational Schools
Hideto Yoshikawa -p.44

From the Perspective of Graduates of Training Schools for Music Therapists
Yuko Kashima -p.47
Original Paper

The Potential Feelings Aroused by Participating in Clinical Improvisation: A Pilot Study with Music Therapy Major Students
Ayako Sugata, Takako Ito -p.52

Improvisation in Music Therapy Based on Chord Functions: A Clue to an Improvisation Technique of the Orange-Chord Pattern
Shojiro Kumamoto, Fumie Okita, Sayaka Shiote -p.62
Book Reviews -p.77
Report from the First "SIG" Meeting

Considering Expertise as a Professional
Toshiyuki Saito, Fukumi Kitamoto -p.83
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