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 Vol.7/No.2 2007
Keynote Address by the President of the Seventh Congress of the JMTA

Music Therapy as Psychotherapy: Viewing Music Therapy from the Perspective of a Practitioner
of Psychosomatic Medicine
Masaya Hisamura -p.93

Keynote Address of the Seventh Congress of the JMTA

Various Research Methods for Answering Music Therapy Questions
Barbara Wheeler -p.98

Music Therapy: Phenomenological and Theoretical Research and Clinical Practice
Carolyn Kenny -p.104
Papers from the Third Round of Research Project Grants

Effects and Characteristics of Regulative Music Therapy: A Comparative Study with Relaxation Methods
Naoko Moridaira -p.113

Effect of Music Therapy with a Key-lighting Keyboard System
on Pre and Post Surgical Stress in Elderly Patients Undergoing Digestive Surgery
Fumio Chikamori, Yasuhiro Itoh -p.122

Physiological Evaluation of the Effects of Music Therapy
on the Autonomic Nervous System of Elderly People with Dementia
Miho Kitagawa, Hidehito Takase, Hitoshi Kuwana -p.130

Study on a New Objective Marker to Evaluate Music Therapy:
Effect of Differences in Listening Attitudes, Passive or Active Listening, on the Brain Function
Mayu Kondo, Munetaka Haida, Masaru Murakami,Shunichiro Izumi, Shigeki Okino, Tetsuo Shimizu -p.138

A Study of Neural Processing of Melody
Miho Yamauchi, Takuya Hayashi, Yuko Kou, Takashi Ohnishi, Hidehiro Iida -p.145

The Effects of Music Therapy on People with Mental Retardation as Compared with Other Activities:A Pilot Study
Kumiko Toyoshima, Hajime Fukui, Noriko Maeda,Kunihiko Tamamura, Kiyoto Kuda, Saori Nishimura -p.152

Synchronization and Imitation of Rhythm Patterns in Children with Autism
Kasumi Sasaki, Koji Takeuchi -p.159
Original Paper

Brain Activity and Giving a Piano Performance from Memory:Applications for Music Therapy
Masae Yamaguchi-p.167

Examination of the Effect of Music Therapy on Cancer Patients Before and After Their Operations
Takiko Takahashi, Keiichiro Ohta, Yuji Takano -p.179
Case Reports

The Effects of Neurologic Music Therapy on Gait Disturbance in a Hemiparetic Stroke Patient:
A Case Study
Mutsumi Abiru, Yoshiko Mihara, Yutaka Kikuchi, Koji Tokita, Mikio Fujimoto, Ban Mihara -p.187
Report on the Seventh Congress of the JMTA

Ryoko Susa, Makiko Kubota -p.196, 198
Book Reviews -p.200
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