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 Vol.8/No.1 2008
Papers from the Fourth Round of Research Project Grants

Endocrinological and Immunological Study on Improvisational Individual Music Therapy for Depression
Akihiro Yamashita, Satoshi Kato -p.3

The Cognitive Music Therapy for Consciousness Disturbance Patients after Traumatic Brain Injury
Yuka Okumura, Ayumi Okumura, Naoki Oka, Yosiya Toyosima, Jun Shinoda -p.13

Development of Evaluation Support System for Music Therapy:Real-time Analysis of Electrocardiogram
Hiroki Hasegawa, Takashi Uozumi -p.25
Special Issue

Expectations for Case Studies
Toshikazu Matsui -p.39

Thoughts on the Meaning of Case Studies
Kenji Tsuchino -p.42

Importance of Using Quantitative Methods in Case Studies:Applied Behavior Analysis Techniques
Izumi Futamata -p.47

Importance of Qualitative Case Study
Takako Kodaira -p.51

Case Studies That Lead to Understanding of Clients
Kakuko Matsumoto -p.61
Original Paper

The Effect of Music Therapy for Improvement of Vocal Range and Vocal Intensity on Central Neurological Disease Patients with Dysarthria:Based on the Prosodic Analysis
Maki Kato-p.67

The Effects of Listening to Music in an Unpleasant Affective State of Mind and Its Impact on Memory
Rieko Kurino, Yoshimi Ito-p.76
Book Reviews -p.87
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