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 Vol.8/No.2 2008
Keynote Address by the President of the Eighth Congress of the JMTA

Mind and Skills in Music Therapy: Music Therapy and Brain Science
Yasuji Murai -p.103
Keynote Address of the Eighth Congress of the JMTA

Being a Music Therapist
Roberta Wigle Justice, MM, MT-BC -p.109
Papers from the Fourth Round of Research Project Grants

Physiological and Behavioral Studies of Music Therapy Practices Focusing on Subjective Tempos
The First Report: Behavioral Study Based on Clinical Practices for Clients with Dementia and Intellectual Deficiency
Nobuko Saji, Yukari Shishido, Hiroko Fujimoto, Yuko Yonekura, Yuka Kasuya, Chika Inaba, Sachiko Togashi -p.123

Physiological and Behavioral Studies of Music Therapy Practices Focusing on Subjective Tempos
The Second Report: Physiological Study Based on the Experiment of Heart Beats, Respiration and Pulse Transmission Time While Clients Sing with Subjective Tempo
Nobuko Saji, Makoto Abe, Takeshi Kawamura, Chiyoko Inomata, Ryoya Saji -p.135

A Study of Associative Visual Memory and Music
- The Effects of Music as a Context Retrieval Cue During a Free Recall Task of Short Film Contents -
Masako Otera, Masayoshi Ichie -p.145
Original Paper

An Evaluation Study of the Effect of Music Therapy on the Health Status of Parkinsonís Disease Patients
- Through a Questionnaire Survey Developed by the Authors from the Viewpoint of Caring -
Chiyoko Inomata, Nobuko Saji -p.154

How Does a Subject Feel When a Music Therapist Improvises with Her?
A Pilot Study with College Students
Ayako Sugata, Takako Ito -p.164
Doctoral Dissertation Abstracts

A Study on Reminiscence and Psychological Health in Elderly Persons Using Music
Asami Shibata -p.176

Creative Activities in Music Therapy: Music by Therapists and Clients
Rii Numata -p.178

The Process of Vocal Sound Production: With a Focus on Persons with Handicaps
Keiko Yamashita -p.180
Report on the Eighth Congress of the JMTA
Miyouko Andou, Sumiko Fujii -p.182, 184
Book Reviews -p.186
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