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 Vol.9/No.1 2009
Papers from the Fourth Round of Research Project Grants

A Quantitative Analysis of Clinical Improvisation in Five- to Six-year-old Children
Ayako Konishi Sugata, Takako Ito, Makoto Iwanaga -p.3
Special Issue

"Case Study of Music Therapy"
Music Therapy Process as a Musical Event:
A Case Study of a Boy with Adrenoleukodystrophy
Hiroko Miyake -p.16

Music Therapy for a Developmentally Disabled Child to Improve the Child's Language Understanding and Verbal Expression
- A Case Study of a Singing Approach Activity -
Megumi Nakazawa, Keiko Ito, Hiromi Fukano -p.27

A case of cancer patient with mental retardation who spent the end of her life in a Palliative Care Unit.
- Ms. A was able to find the meaning of her existence through ukulele and songs -
Miho Kitagawa, Hitoshi Kuwana, Masahito Okayasu -p.36

Investigation of the Effectiveness of Music Therapy Intervention in Developing an Active Attitude Relating to the Outside World for a Blind Child with Multiple Disabilities
Yuka Kasuya -p.45

Training of Upper Limb Functions in the Paralyzed Side of an Apoplexia Cerebri Patient Through Playing of Musical Instruments:
Coordination with Other Specialties and Application to Activities of Daily Living
Toshiko Kojima, Jun Sato, Masaru Ichikawa -p.59
Original Paper

Influence of Personality Traits, Affective Values of Music, and Music Preference on Affective States when Listening to Music
Rieko Kurino, Yoshimi Ito -p.70
Case Reports

The Effects of Melodic Intonation Therapy for a Transcortical Motor Aphasia Patient: A Case Study
Chizuru Nakano, Mutsumi Abiru, Makiko Tsuchiya, Yoshiko Mihara, Hiroko Fujimoto, Mikio Fujimoto, Ban Mihara -p.82

Modulation of Swallowing Movement during Music Therapy
Izumi Jomori, Sachiko Mutou, Yukari Kikuchi, Kumi Mukaikubo, Minoru Hoshiyama -p.88

Improvement in Stuttering through Group Activities in a Music Therapy Project:
A Case Report
Manami Matsuda -p.94
Book Reviews -p.100
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