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 Vol.9/No.2 2009
Keynote Address by the President of the Ninth Congress of the JMTA

Fluctuation of Sound, Fluctuation of Mind
Hiroshi Bando -p.115
Papers from the Fourth Round of Research Project Grants

Basic Study on Activation of Bio-Rhythms and Improvement of Subjective Symptom of Slight Sleeplessness by Long-term Listening to Stringed Music with 1/f Fluctuation
Kazuoki Matsumoto, Mari Sakamoto, Teruko Ito, Katsuyori Aochi,Saori Hata, Fumiaki Ehara, Eiichi Tabuchi, Manabu Kitakoji, Seiki Tanada, Yasuji Murai -p.122
Original Paper

Contents of Reminiscence by Nostalgic Music and Elicited Moods for Older Adults
Asami Shibata, Makoto Iwanaga -p.136

A Study of Music Therapy Using “1/f-fluctuation Sounds” for Tinnitus Patients
Masafumi Nakagawa M.D., PhD. -p.145

Electrodermal Activities of a Pianist while She Performs Her Favorite Music for Stress Release
- An Effective Method of Analyzing Electrodermal Activity Using Ensemble Average for Single Subject Study -
Kazuyoshi Ichihashi, Hajime Bando, Taisaku Amakawa -p.153
Case Reports

Effects of Music on Postoperative Patients in Intensive Care Units
~From Three Executed Cases the Day of After the Operation~
Shoko Yamada, Kayoko Urakawa -p.161

Case Study of A with Long Social Withdrawal from Schizophrenia
Yutaka Yoshida -p.168

Report on the Ninth Congress of the JMTA

Keiko Ito, Yoshiko Iwai -p.177, 179

Book Reviews -p.181
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