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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.11/No.2 2011
A Memorial Address

Honoring the memory of Dr. Hideki Matsubara
Sumiko Fujii -p.81

Keynote Address by the President of the Eleventh Congress of the JMTA

Psychology and Music Therapy
Naokuni Ebihara -p.83

Original Papers

Examination of the Effectiveness of Tranquil Music by Live Music Performances
on People in Outpatient Waiting Rooms
- Questionnaire survey of outpatients and outpatient staff -
Mitsuko Fujii, Shougo Fukuda, Kunihiro Ibe -p.89

General Remarks (Review of Article)

The Effects of Preventative Music Therapy on Healthy Elderly People:A Systematic Review
Hiromi Motoyoshi -p.103


Changes Observed in Clients of Music Therapy and its Meaning in Their Lives
- Introducing the Concept of Musical Identities -
Miyoko Okamoto -p.114

Report on the Eleventh Congress of the JMTA

Chie Ogushi, Keiko Yamashita -p.129, 131

Book Reviews -p.132
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