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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.13/No.1 2013
Special Issue: Music Therapy and Japanese Culture

Music Therapy and Japanese Culture:
Thoughts on Vocals and Body in Japanese Music Therapy
Kenji Tsuchino -p.3

Music and Music Therapy after the Meiji Era:
Changes in Music in Japanese Culture
Masahiro Iwai -p.9

Influence of Japanese Moral Values and Buddhism on Music Therapy
Daien Oshita -p.17

Purpose of Modern Music Therapy Practices in Japan and Future Objectives
Masami Sakaue -p.25

Music Therapy in Harmony with Japanese Culture: Proposing techniques for Solving Problems in Clinical Settings While Keeping Japanese Tradition in Mind
Eiichiro Makino -p.43

Original Papers

Qualitative Analysis of Stress Level Changes and Session Narratives in Initial Music Therapy with Palliative Care Patients: A Pilot Study
Mami Ito, Akiko Maruya -p.56
Book Reviews -p.65
Doctoral Dissertation Abstract

Effects of Piano Practice on Physical and Mental Health of Elderly Persons -p.67

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