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 Vol.13/No.2 2013
Keynote Address by the Presisent of Thirteenth Congress of the JMTA

Feelings of Loss
Makoto Iwanaga -p.77

Papers from the Seventh Round of Research Project Grants

The Effects of Music Therapy for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease Assessed by PET
Kazutomi Kanemaru, Akiko Kanemaru, Toshie Kobayashi, Keiko Koyano, Takako Akaboshi, Yumi Sakurai, Takehiko Akaboshi, Kenji Ishii -p.87

Papers from the Ninth Round of Research Project Grants

Effect of Music Therapy for Elderly Patients/People with Dementia::
The Use of Dementia Care Mapping
Waka Sasaki, Tatsuji Uchida, Yasuko Murata -p.94

The Effects of a Comprehensive Music Therapy Program Based on Applied Behavior Analysis for Children with Developmental Delay
-Focusing on Early Communication Development
Atsuko Matsuzaki, Masako Miyake, Jun-ichi Yamamoto -p.103

Case Report

The Efficacy of Music in Recovery from a Mental Disease:
A Case Analysis of Recovery to a Convalescent Stage
Michiko Kawamura, Makoto Akahoshi -p.116

Reports on the Thirteenth Congress of the JMTA

Mutsumi Araki-p.126
Eri Hirokawa-p.127

Book Reviews -p.129
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