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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.14/No.1,2 2014
Special Issue: Quantitative Research

Introduction -p.3

Verifying the Effectiveness of Music Therapy in Psychiatric Treatment: A Cycle of Clinical Practice and Verification of Effectiveness
Yukari Imamura -p.5

Quantitative Research in Music Therapy
Makoto Iwanaga -p.14

Clinical Evaluation of Music Therapy for Children Using Quantitative Indicators:Clinical Recordkeeping and Objective Evaluation
Yuka Kasuya -p.22

How Should Music Therapists Deal with" Numbers"?
Izumi Futamata -p.33
Keynote lecture by the President of the 14th Congress of the JMTA

Connecting with the Human Heart: The Charm of Music
Fumio Kuribayashi -p.40

Special lecture of the 14th Congress of the JMTA

Theory and Practice of Music Therapy for Geriatric Clients: Approaches to Enhance Clients' Engagement
Alicia Ann Clair -p.45

Original Paper

An Investigation of the Use of Woodwinds and Brass Musical Instruments for Breathing Rehabilitation for Patients with Chronic Respiratory Failure
-Factors to Consider in Selecting Musical Instruments-
Mitsuko Fujii, Shogo Fukuda, Kunihiro Ibe -p.48

Special Research Project Grant Papers

Efficacy of Music Therapy on Mental and Physical Health of Elderly People in Long-term Care Facilities: A Pilot Project
Nobuyuki Murabayashi, Nobuko Saji, Hisako Nakayama, Hiroko Fujimoto, Keiko Miyamoto, Itaru Koya, Akiko Niikura, Izumi Futamata, Masaya Hisamura, Yasuji Murai, Daisuke Sasaki -p.58

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