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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.16/No.1,2 2016
Special Issue: Music Therapy Related Organizations around the World

Introduction to the Special Issue
Kenji Tsuchino -p.3

World Federation of Music Therapy
Nobuko Saji -p.5

American Music Therapy Association
Eri Hirokawa, Satoko Mori-Inoue -p.15

Changes in the British Association for Music Therapy
Yukina Osawa -p.21

Development of Music Therapy and Music Therapy Related Organizations in Germany
Yukiko Mizokami -p.32

Canadian Association of Music Therapists
Satomi Kondo -p.42

Australian Music Therapy Association and Music Therapy in Australia
Izumi Nago -p.47

The European Music Therapy Confederation, Music Therapy Related Organizations in Austria, and Report of the Tenth European Music Therapy Conference
Saya Shiobara -p.52
Presentation of the Chairperson of the JMTA’s 16th Congress

Relationships in Music Therapy: Changes and Directions
Hitoshi Takayama -p.54

Case Report

The Effect of Music Therapy on a Toddler with a Speaking Impediment Caused by Articulation Disorder
- Results of the Effect of Improvised Music Therapy and Intervention of Song Writing -
Yukiko Niwa -p.67

Report on the 2015 International Music Therapy Symposium (Tokyo)

Improving the Clinical Music Skills of Music Therapists
Committee of International Affairs, Japanese Music Therapy Association -p.79

Report on the Sixteenth Congress of the JMTA

Masako Sekiya -p.88
Yukari Imamura -p.89

Book Reviews -p.91
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