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Contents of the JMTA Journal
 Vol.17/No.2 2017

Remembering Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara
Yasuji Murai -p.65
Special Feature:“The 15th World Congress of Music Therapy”

Special Feature Contributions
Izumi Futamata -p.66

Summary of the World Congress of Music Therapy: Report from the Chairman
Michiko Kato -p.68

Report on the Planning and Management of Pre-Congress Seminars
Hiroko Fujimoto -p.71

Spotlight Session Report

Music Therapy and Trauma Work
Sanae Hori -p.75

Music in Music Therapy and the Cultural Context
-From Identification of Cultures to Practicing Cultures in Music Therapy-
Rika Ikuno-Yamamoto -p.79

Symposium Report

Clinical Applications of Neurologic Music Therapy Techniques in Non-medical Settings
Yuka Kasuya-Ueba -p.84

The merit and therapeutic effect of group singing for psychiatric inpatients
Yukari Imamura -p.88

Music for Clients Close to the End of Life
Ritsuko Nagashima -p.90

After the Symposium
-Development of a music NEAR therapy program for Schizophrenia-
Chiaki Oshiyama -p.92

The Problems and Possibilities of Music Therapy Practice in Medical Environments
-How to Deal with the Attitudes and Understanding of Medical Staff and Solve the Problems They Face-
Minori Uchijima, Yasuyuki Sato, Rie Hanaoka, Masaki Kobashi, Suzanne G. Hanser, Nobuko Saji -p.95

Medical Music Therapy: Past, Present, and Future
Satoko Mori-Inoue -p.97

Round Table Report

Practice of Music Therapy in Asian Countries: Perspectives of a Music Therapist with Multicultural Experience
Aki Ohmae -p.100

A Community Music Therapy Plan of the Japanese Music Therapy Association
-reports on five cases-
Hiroko Fujimoto -p.103

Let’s think about Music Therapy Practice and Research
Ikuko Yamazaki -p.106

Clinical Knowledge
-Knowing/Communicating the Clinical Process in Music Therapy Practice-
(1)Thinking about Process (2)Illustrative Approaches
Rika Ikuno-Yamamoto, Hiroko Miyake -p.107

Global Equivalency Certificate for Music Therapists
Part II : Professional Identity and Competencies
Kana Okazaki-Sakaue -p.115

Social Inclusion and Exclusion through Community Music Therapy in Japan
Kumi Shimada -p.118

Music therapy in end of life care
-Collaboration among participants at a music therapy presentation using an example from Japan-
Akiko Niikura -p.121
Research Project Papers from the 10th Round of Research Grants

A Study of Clinical Musicology: A Discussion Referring to“ The Otoasobi Project”
Rii Numata -p.124
Original Paper

Significant Roles of Percussive Instruments in Improvisational Music Therapy for Psychiatric Patients
Okiko Ishihara -p.140
Impressions from the 15th World Congress of Music Therapy
Eri Watanabe -p.151
Megumi Misaki -p.153
Book Reviews -p.154
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